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No Fun Presses high quality custom buttons

I’ve been producing pins for bands, zines, businesses, artists, and individuals for almost 10 years. To place an order or ask a question please email

Only need a few? We've got no minimums and you’re free to split your order into a few different designs. For example: order 100 pins, send 2 image files, and get 50 buttons of each design, or send 4 images and get 25 each, etc.

1" prices are as follows:
0-49 for $0.45 each
50-299 for $0.35 each
300-500 for $0.30 each
For orders over 500 please email info for a quote

We press big 2.25" sized buttons now too!
0-49 for $1.25 each
50-99 for $0.70 each
100-500 for $0.45 each
For orders over 500 please email info for a quote

Artwork Requirements
All artwork should be sent at a minimum of 300dpi. Buttons can be pressed full color, B&W or black/chrome (for a small extra fee). You can download a 1" photoshop template HERE.
Fit your artwork inside the inner red circle, but make sure it extends to the outer red circle.
Need a design for your button? No problem, we can do that too for a small fee.

Turn around time after you’ve sent payment and artwork is typically 2-4 days. Rush order? Let me know - that’s probably not a problem.