February Studio Update

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February Studio Update


- "Preview of new products here"
- "Banging out a couple of pennants"
- "A very goofy ASCII-style print"
- "Some weird rocks"
- "Keychains that glow in the dark (NOT RADIOACTIVE)"
- "New patches"
"New stickers"
- "Gucci Mane - Muscles n Ny Hand" / "Predator Soundtrack"




Photo by Clarke Kinaschuk.


Hey hi hello - this is Grayson.
I’m the studio manager here at No Fun. I answer your emails and pack your mail and am a helpful  and normal dude.
I ended 2017 on a pretty weird note, and am coming into 2018 trying to figure my shit out. In part because of this, I lived a very “New-Year-New-Me” February. Reilly’s been in sort of the same boat, and we’ve talked lots about what our next steps are going to be. My “New Me” has become a bit of a “New Us.” A lot of those conversations have been about figuring out how to share what we’re up to here at No Fun. We’re trying to talk more about what we do at our studio, how we do it, and why we think it matters.
With that context - I’ve taken it upon myself to engage in the most noble of pursuits: posting. I love being online and I also love the sound of my own voice; the natural conclusion is for me to become a blogger.
I’m donning my newsboy cap and grabbing a notepad that opens from the top and boy-oh-boy am I ready to serve you up some HOT fucking takes.
So here we are. I’m writing some nice studio updates for you - my friends, family (hi mom!), and followers. Bear with me while I figure this out; I tend to go on tangents, and I also tend to be a little meaner than necessary. Since I’ve told you that, you can’t get mad at me. It’s the law.
Please don’t email me, and please don’t tell me I’m lame. I’m very fragile. Definitely don’t @ me. If you need something come to Parkdale and just yell really loud.
Anyways, here’s what happened in the dumpster-fire that was February:
This month started like it always does - cold, dry, and brutally lonely. February in Toronto is awful. Every day is grey, you need to wear like fifty layers to leave the house, and it’s dark out by 4. Reilly and I both had decent holidays, and then pretty promptly got thrown into the thick of the New Year.

We spent the month figuring out our spring collection (which you can see a preview of here), and GOD DAMN has this one been a pain. Between producers messing up first runs, to delays in shipping, to just being fucking exhausted every day, this collection has been one hell of an uphill battle.
HOLY SHIT are we psyched. We’ve got some really banging pieces, some weird shit, and, as always, the classics. Reilly was back on his screenprinting shit, banging out a couple of pennants, and a very goofy ASCII-style print. That dude knows what he’s doing as a printer. We’ve spent pretty much a year at this point working on woven blankets; they’ve been a headache but, honestly, the final piece has been worth it. They were made in the States, and will be released as a very limited edition. It is by far my favourite piece in the collection. We made some weird rocks, keychains that glow in the dark (NOT RADIOACTIVE), new patches, and new stickers. Honestly, I’m super proud of us - I feel like one of those fish-mums that lays a lot of eggs and then sees her little fish babies flourishing.

Other than making shit, last month was super weird all around. We took part in a tradeshow where I had an identity crisis selling patches to cops. We learned a lot about “hogs” and “engines” from dudes who were like ninety and could beat me up. For most of the month neither of us really left our respective homes. We both hit snooze on our alarms a few more times than normal. I got-and-deleted Tinder pretty much weekly, went on a bender for two weeks, and was all-around cool and normal and not self-destructive or super bummed constantly.
I guess we all learn lots about ourselves in February.  ¯\_()_/¯

Right now it’s March second. The sun is coming-and-going behind clouds. Reilly and I are both caffeinated. We’re listening to Gucci Mane real loud. The window is open; we’re getting a nice breeze that carries the first hints of spring, I’m going on a date tonight, and Reilly has told me he’s going to nap all weekend.
Shit is good, and we’re psyched for the next month. Hope you are too.


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